"Fair Fever! Catch The Fun"

Free Parking All Week

July 22 - August 1, 2020

Fairgrounds Phone (618) 445-3615

All Junior and 4-H livestock entries close at 10 a.m., Monday, July 27 except those in open classes and 4-H horse show.

All open (except beef) livestock and Jr. livestock must be on grounds before midnight, Sunday, July 26.

Floral Hall and Hobby entries close at 6 p.m. Monday July 27 except Department L Flowers and Department O.

Baked Goods (Baked Goods go to Exhibition Bldg.) will close at 12 noon and be judged in the afternoon, entries must be in place at designated closing time.

A Social Security number will be required from ALL exhibitors.


Avery Roosevelt
2019 Edwards County
Fair Queen

6th Annual ECFair Car, Truck, Tractor Show.pdf

Tractor Drive.pdf

Go Kart.pdf





Admission To Grandstand

Monday Evening

General Admission, $8.00; Under 12 years of age, $6.00

• Tuesday Evening

General Admission, $10.00; Under 5 free if seated on adults lap

• Wednesday Evening
General Admission, $8.00; Under 12 years of age, $6.00

• Thursday Evening
General Admission, $10.00; Under 12 years of age, $8.00

• Friday Evening
General Admission Grandstand, $10.00

• Saturday Evening
All Admissions, $10.00

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